Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know  or be a Mason to be interred here?

  • No. This Cemetery is open to the public and serves all faiths.

How much does is cost to purchase a plot here?

  • Please call the office for pricing. There are several options to discuss so you are well educated.

Do you have niches for urns above ground?

  • No, Not at this time.

Can urn burials be placed with a casket?

  • Yes. In a single grave site, one urn can be placed with one casket.

Can I order a headstone from the cemetery? if so what does it cost?

  • Yes you can order a headstone from the cemetery. The cost is 700.00 plus 275.00 setting fee.  Size is 16" x 28".

Are non-residents allowed to be buried there?

  • Yes, server residents and non-residents. There are not any non-resident fees.

May we plant a memorial tree?

  • Memorial trees are allowed but placement needs to be approved by management.

Is a vault required for casket burials?

  • Yes, either a vault or liner is required for each casket burial.